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Video of the setup

This is the video of the full scale mock up, referring to the earlier post.

Note that the flaps on the sides of the top part are on purpose as it will be bonded with a Velcro connecting system that allows the 3 parts to be detachable.
For this mock up, i only use a single ply thick cardboard but perhaps i will try using double cardboard pieces to increase the entire structure strength.

Full Scale test model development

This is a basic sketch model of the earlier design, part of the furniture set (the lazy chair/stool part)
This is the design that could be further developed into a rocker chair/ a play car/ a combined table and chair .etc

The images shows the process of the folds and joints.
1. the template of the full scale side profile is created and the cardboard pieces are cut.
2. the foldable support internal joints are created to measurements to allow proper foldability to be able to flat pack.
3. joints are glued to the main side parts, a limiter support is pasted on the bottom side of the structure to limit the expandibility of the structure to only the specific wideness.
4. the exterior support surfaces were made with the specific profile measurements, this wraps around the top surfaces of the main structure till its sides.
5. the flaps on its sides will then be trimmed and added with a velcro connection to allow easy fixing and removing.

Explaining these images through words is a bit difficult so i will later post the design plan sketch of this model and also a video process of assembling this model.


One of my new idea

I came out with several ideas for the furniture set design.
This is one concept which i thought of and that i would really like to develop further in terms of the stylizing and the making aspects.
As earlier discussed, i could design a set of furniture as a whole package for the kids play furniture and that all of these design has a certain identity in terms of style and outlook. From the way i designed this, i use rigid edges and lines to developed the entire collective form.
I implemented multifunctionality/ alternative possibilities to my design like for example i designed a lazy that that triples up onto a joint table stool, a play car/balance bike and a rocker chair.
As the outlook of my design shows rigidity and blokish, i believed that there is a possibility to make this more appealing. Inspired from Lego, building blocks and the game tetris. Thus, the reason why i always start with these kinds of shapes. As i develop these various ideas, i kept the thought of the form flexibility of the cardboard material.
Furthermore, kids love big objects and apart from that, these big objects is also designed to fit into any interior spacial environment.

I will post more of my ideas which includes a puzzle like/ all in one kids furniture play set.
But these are all just ideations which i have not chosen any methods or concepts to work with.
Recollecting on the first few sketches which i made in regards to the idea of transformation, blocks that can be folded up and opened and joined with the rest to form something. All of these are different concepts.

I am still working on a prototype for the new ideas i came out with and those will be uploaded here soon too.
4q3qsk2sk4earlier sketches

Abit of development from previous design

This is a bit of development sketches from the previous design
it is still of a rigid and basic shape
this is unfinished and without any physical model
the idea of modularity and multi purpose still serve as one of the fundamental aspects in my design
as these ideas shows lack of style, it helps me in understanding the structural possibilities before moving on

Then i also thought of including optional add ons, like parts for the main design
maybe wooden wheels to add on and make a play car for examplegd

After the discussion earlier, i would go for a more free form/stylize shape and design to break from this angular ideations

I think that maybe the identity of my design will have the essence of geometry as it is my style but this aspect is still being processed in my other rough sketches as it may be constricted due to the safety considerations like sharp and angular edges.
My next designs will be sets of different furniture designs with the various joint methods which i probably will do along with a physical model as i did before

Experiment on using fabric with carboard

I tried to mix fabric with cardboard for one of my previous design.
The mixture of materials seems to go nicely well in terms of the raw tones in the colour scheme, black with raw cardboard brown

Instead of white glue, i used staplers as a testing bonding technique
like the method use on chairs and sofas etc.


I tried using other types of tough fabric like jeans material too.
i played with the basic folds



Updates from 2nd presentation


List down the negative aspects of cardboard materials

How to overcome the negative or the poor material aspects of cardboard
Construction of full scale mock ups to test on the durability of the material
Using less of the planer surface for the function but experiment on the edges and the sides of the cardboard as a form of a function
as it will be more nice and interesting.
The basic design was a bit too utilitarian in a way that the design is too obvious for its function
The safety aspect of the design
Consider the sharp edges of my product as cardboard pieces are processed and pieced in a way that leaves the edges fine and sharp
To make use of more folds other than raw edge cuts to soften the edges in my designs
To mix materials
Maybe could wrap cloth or fabric material around cardboard to enhance the design and manage the safety issues
The play of colours
What will happen if the kid bites the products