Waste statistics 2014 Singapore

Lets take a look at two major cost efficiency materials in the recycling industry.
Plastics and Cardboard.
As compared to plastics, there are more cardboard waste being recycled than its being disposed.
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% Composition of Waste Generated

The top 5 waste types make up 75% of the total waste generated in Singapore, which are either disposed of at the waste-to-energy plants and landfill, or recycled locally and exported:

  1. Ferrous Metal (19%)
  2. Construction Debris (17%)
  3. Paper/Cardboard (16%)
  4. Plastics (12%)
  5. Food Waste (10%)

% Composition of Waste Disposed

The top 3 waste types make up 68% of the total waste disposed in Singapore:

  1. Plastics (26%)
  2. Food Waste (23%)
  3. Paper/Cardboard (19%)

% Composition of Waste Recycled

The top 3 waste types make up 74% of the total waste recycled in Singapore:

  1. Ferrous Metal (31%)
  2. Construction Debris (28%)
  3. Paper/Cardboard (14%)

Recycling Rate of Waste

For the 3 common types of waste disposed, the recycling rate for plastics and food waste is still low:

  • Food Waste (13%)
  • Plastics (9%)
  • Paper/Cardboard (52%)

More efforts are needed to educate Singaporeans on reducing food waste and the use of plastics, and to increase the recycling of food and plastic waste.

For paper, there is still room for more recycling, as 48% of the paper and cardboard waste generated still ends up being burned at the waste-to-energy plants.

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