Flute Office (some inspiration) (my ideas)

They design Sustainable Furniture for Offices

as quoted from the website “The office of the future is here already – Adaptive, lightweight, life-enhancing, fun and inspiring. No more waste, just beautifully crafted products designed with nature in mind.”

Maybe, i would like to go with this direction of
moving towards greener solutions for the future…
making and designing usable ideas but keep in consideration on improving the environment…
keeping in mind about the various aspects which could convince the usage of cardboard material as a greener and economical choice…
Cardboard is everywhere, it is cheap to produce, easy to handle and it is Eco friendly etc. etc…
these aspects would be the supportive facts to the choice of the material for some future solutions now as natural resources are getting low and Recycling is the only was to move on…

But instead of Office furniture, I would like to go with a more fun direction which would involve user-material interactivity
for one example that i had in mind is a multi-forming kids playable-furniture
like a diy and modular cardboard pieces which could be built up to any form of kids furniture
kids could play and fix them around

The other idea is maybe to mix the elements of nature to my design
something to play with biodegradable aspects and plantation
like cardboard as a medium to grow plant with… a pot cum fertilizer etc.

Apart from that, I would like to justify on the usage of cardboard as a solution for kids playhouse/furniture etc…
We all know of the future of kids products, they will be used for only a certain period of time when a kid is of a certain age category… After which they grow up, stuffs will need to be replaced…
So where does this old stuffs go? It will either be thrown away or passed on to relatives etc.
Nowadays kids products are not cheap, They are quite pricey. A simple plastic vacuumed formed playhouse by TOMY can easily cost S$200.
So this comes the part where cost is a factor… If a cheap material is used as an alternative, consumers save more money and manufacturers save much more money and all of them are contributing to saving the environment in a way.
Getting or replacing kids playhouses/furniture might be more cheaper process.
Discarded cardboard products already have their future, They are easily recyclable as compared to other materials like plastic which has another 5/6 recycling processes to go through.