Theme &Concept

The theme of my design is ‘Transformation’

Going back to the basics of shapes and colours, as features to make designs attractive to kids (preschoolers 3 to 5 yrs)
My inspirations includes the concept of building blocks and the game Tetris, puzzles and also the wooden matching shapes toy.


i would like to explore on designs that opens up to transform into something else…
as i would like to refer to a child’s growth and development in terms of the way they think and act

like the tiny leaves of a mimosa plant, it is sensitive to movement and touch… when the wind blows, it shy away and closes…
but after some time it opens up again…
as we apply this thought into a children’s mind, we cannot push the way they think or do things especially their creativity…
as most children would express their creativity and thoughts on canvas when they are all by themselves without any distractions

the elements of childhood development is an essential aspect that i would like to show in my design
my design will have these aspects that includes:
creativity  eg. to create, construct or explore with the forms of the design like DIY making or joining modular designs
learning  eg. learn about the material used and why we should recycle, teaches to think out of the box
management  eg. learn to manage the space and organize toys after playtime
fun  eg. to do anything and everything as to have fun like the design could be anything like a robot or a writing board as long as its fun
Puzzle and games  eg. add elements of child-like games that requires a thinking process

An All in One design
this could be a table, a chair, a playhouse, a puppet house, a car, a shelf, a toy box…
up to the way the child perceives.

Ideas includes:
a modular structure which has repetitions that serves as building blocks for users to construct their product
a flat pack structure that could be fixed in any ways like a puzzle
or a intricate form of structure that opens and closes to serve multiple usable features