One of my new idea

I came out with several ideas for the furniture set design.
This is one concept which i thought of and that i would really like to develop further in terms of the stylizing and the making aspects.
As earlier discussed, i could design a set of furniture as a whole package for the kids play furniture and that all of these design has a certain identity in terms of style and outlook. From the way i designed this, i use rigid edges and lines to developed the entire collective form.
I implemented multifunctionality/ alternative possibilities to my design like for example i designed a lazy that that triples up onto a joint table stool, a play car/balance bike and a rocker chair.
As the outlook of my design shows rigidity and blokish, i believed that there is a possibility to make this more appealing. Inspired from Lego, building blocks and the game tetris. Thus, the reason why i always start with these kinds of shapes. As i develop these various ideas, i kept the thought of the form flexibility of the cardboard material.
Furthermore, kids love big objects and apart from that, these big objects is also designed to fit into any interior spacial environment.

I will post more of my ideas which includes a puzzle like/ all in one kids furniture play set.
But these are all just ideations which i have not chosen any methods or concepts to work with.
Recollecting on the first few sketches which i made in regards to the idea of transformation, blocks that can be folded up and opened and joined with the rest to form something. All of these are different concepts.

I am still working on a prototype for the new ideas i came out with and those will be uploaded here soon too.
4q3qsk2sk4earlier sketches

2 thoughts on “One of my new idea

  1. fabrizio

    Hi Sabri, the ideas you posted are interesting. What I think valuable is the interlocking system of the objects.
    How many objects are you looking for? Containers, table, chair, rocking object (what would it be?), anything else?
    From the sketches my impression is you might check a bit more about the usability of the items.
    First of all is the dimensions, make sure that the height of the chair and the table are correct and correctly usable.
    The design you propose reflects some styling but the inclination of the table top might reduce the usability, things might drop down easily (good for reading but not for playing (planar surface would be more advisable for that). Would it be possible to have both inclined and planar or, if not, planar would be better? It would be good that the table could be used from different sides, this will allow more than one kid to play at the same time.
    The chair as well shows some problems, the back side inclination might be dangerous if the kids will push with the legs it could be prone to topple.
    The items should be also easy to move around, in your design they look difficult to handle (being so monolithic).
    Consider they will be handled by kids.
    What would happen if the parents would like to implement the system with more containers, will you provide something different?
    Spare containers and eventually spare chairs or stools?
    Maybe the system will need more flexibility…
    Did you start checking the cardboard joining solutions and the structural solutions? did you find any sample to discuss?
    Talk to you soon.

  2. Muhammad Sabri Post author

    Hi, Prof
    Thank you for the comments and suggestions.
    I thought through my design and I am really keen i doing a set of kids cardboard furniture that has this concept of puzzle/bricks system that could join all objects together into a structure. As of now, i am still exploring on possibilities and i actually have problems deciding how many usable item i am to include in this design. This is because some objects could serve a multi purpose.
    As i already started making full mock up scale models, for my next development designs i will consider all the anthropometric dimensions, fit and ergonomics.
    I will update my designs and consider the suggestions that you mentioned. The idea of having more storage compartments and the multi sided table surface is a good thought. The chair design will be refined to the aspects of balance and safety issue.
    Yes, i did checked on the existing joints and solutions on books and internet. I developed some of the ideas and experiemte on folds and joints that could make my design structure foldable and be able to flat packed.
    The updates are on the new post.