Observations and Points for the next step

Here are some of the observations and points noted from the first full scale prototype study
– prototype is made of a one piece double ply 7mm thick corrugated board
(maybe for the next test, double pieces of boards of double ply shall be used for better durability)
– prototype is made of 3 main parts but maybe the parts could be reduced to two but on all possibilities, this depends on the default sizes of the boards available on the market. A solution would be to reduce the overall measurements which thus will be worked upon after the ergonomics and kids growth chart study
– prototype is made to connect via velcro system, which seems to be one of the chosen best idea for my design but I realize the flaps affect the overall design on the minor parts.
(as discussed, maybe the overall top parts which includes the flaps would be covered with fabric and more of folds will be introduced instead of cuts)
– the middle section is somehow classified as a fragile point as it is lack of interior support.
– as i tried to flip the product vertically and let my neighbor’s 4 year old daugther sit on it, the entire mid-section starts to gave in which is why there are those crack line marks on this few pictures taken after the tests
(this part could be solve with the extension of the two flaps inwards to the ground creating another base)
– as realized, the edges of the chair looks raw
maybe for the upcoming models, I would do the scoring technique to the edges to reduce the edge like feel of the form14 – the curved profile of the chair sides should be improved to make it more smooth and clean profile
– as tested with a 4 year old child, this chair is abit too wide for the legs to be apart when using in combo mode
(maybe to make the width narrower or taper the mid section of the design)
– this chair is also abit too high for a 4 year old
(standing at 30 cm for the seating part,  I think is reasonably high but maybe i would reduce this part for abit but this depends on the future design which i would consider a mix usage for parents and children12

– for this design, I only experimented with a layer of double ply boards for all of my surfaces and as a result, the structure is quite strong enough but i planned to use double layer boards for my future design to ensure the durability
– I realized that i needed more support lines on the inside part of the structure and that the supports has to be spread out evenly to consider the main seating points of the structure

One thought on “Observations and Points for the next step

  1. Fabrizio

    I agree on all your points. The dimensions should be slightly adjusted on height and width. The crack lines can be avoided with an inward folding of a cardboard extension for both the top pieces. The internal structure could be reinforced with an extension of the side pieces folded inward. I will explain better on Friday with a sketch. Good job.