Design Development

Issues to look into:-the number of product pieces in the furniture set
-as the combo chair has multi-function qualities, is there still a need for another set of separate table and chair?
-maybe, the reduction of pieces to only the combo chair/table and a storage cum table piece as demonstrated in the sketches below
-apart from collapsibility, stackability is also a factor i tried to keep in the design

-for the construction part, other than the re-measurements i have thought of some ideas as to add more support for the interior
-the split of the body into two sections allow more folds (triangular sections) to be added as main support and thus also wide spread the strength points of the structure (foldability is still an aspect to consider out of this)
-for the two separate parts of the outer shell which has those velcro flaps, the ends that meet on the mid section will be extended all the way till its end touched the ground (as discussed last week)

-I am starting to work out on another model with the suggested improvements and also to finalize the basic structures of the other furniture pieces which i am still deciding to keep or discard the idea of having that much in a set