Design Development

As discussed earlier, more refinement might seems possible to improve the entire structure of the design.
For this other method, the main part will have opened-up flaps that opens up and slots into the center part of the structure adding form to the structure preventing it from collapsing to its original flat-packed form.
Apart from that, the two pieces of covering that has a Velcro connecting system will wrap around the outer sections of the structure which doubles the strength of the overall design.sk16

After much thoughts, I settled with a 3 piece furniture set that has qualities of multi functional and innovation. Furniture are stackable, foldable and durable. This minimal number of piece in a set is due to the multi qualities of the structure which allows the pieces to be used as a chair or a lounge for example. so there is no need for a particular chair for a single standard use for seating.
The 3 pieces include a lounge, small bench and a table
which also could be a combo chair table Lounge with a leg rest and a bookshelf .etc
I have added a feature of interactivity and sharing in my design.
Thus, this design allows multiple users to use them at once and interactivity comes when they are using the design all at the same time.
Children with their friends or siblings/ Mom with her child.
Other than just for Children use, I thought that why not make this as durable and strong as it could be and make it available for use for anyone else in the hose too?
Maybe while the kid is colouring his activity book, his mom could use one of the piece as a platform to sit or place her laptop or even do yoga on it .etcsk18 These are the various examples of how my product could be used.
There are other possibilities which are yet to be explored.sk15
A standard scale of a 4 year old kid as compared to my furniture set.sk17