Full Scale Third Prototype

I have finally finished my third full scale prototype and in the process of making my forth one.
For this experimentation, i also play with the use of textiles.

This prototype is based on the recent sketch that i have posted.
I decided to not do the tapered concept like the 2nd prototype but instead stick with a constant comfortable thickness for the entire structure. This way allows me to do a better and stronger structure.

The making process requires abit of work as the lining for the velcro strip is a little challenging.
I believe this prototype is as strong as the 2nd one and much stronger than the first one but also much more strudy than both of the previous models.
I really like how the clean cut lines are formed on the perimeter of the structure witn no visible rigid elements but still there is this gap in between from the velcro strips which cannot be avoided.
More supports are added to this prototype.
I bought a puzzle-join textile mats and modified them to go with my design.
Using fabric double sided tape, i bonded them with only the top part of the seating area along with a bit of side wall.
In the future, I might have to use another kind of adhesive to replace the double sided tape for better material bonding.
I am very much satisfied with the usage of the textile with the cardboard prototype as it makes the entire design look neutral and elegant but yet simple.
Futhermore the textile will help in hiding the creases of the cardboard from showing up in the future.