Full Scale Sixth Prototype

These are images of the sixth prototype.

This is similar to the 5th assembly idea with the modular concept but an adjustment was made to the interior section. From V support to Zig Zag support. This reduces the number of parts and thus reduce manufacturing costs.
From the previous no.5 prototype the side flaps goes in without any slot in the interior section to double secure but in this prototype 6 a small 5mm slit is made on the bottom ends of the zig zag interior flaps to allow the side outer flaps to slot and lock in place.
The entire form is reduced in size to make it more tight/stiff and firm.
Elimination of rounded edges allows easier and neater folds, thus also allows modularity in structure. Any forms of modules with the similar shapes and angel tilt could fit on or at the sides upon each other like a set of modules.

This should be the idea and method that i would be moving on from with the other set designs