Design refinements

I have made a prototype shell of the design with the top-curved edges.
Upon first impression, it looks unbalance. This is in terms of the continuity of the form from straight cut to curvy edges.curve-testIn conclusion, I will still go with the straight edge design. This is because,
– structure allows as much interior support to be spread (the curved edge actually disallows proper structuring that led to weak points) this was tested on the previous mock-ups although it may look more pleasant.curve vs strg
– balancing aesthetic with product functionality and durability
– product is to allow ruggedness, as from personal findings while testing my first prototype I was lucky to have an obedient user. Pre-school kids can be playful at times. The question now is what if my product gets thrown around? Will it still last? the more rigid the corners are, the stronger the structure is.s [Converted]
– the other thing is that, form the start i wanted to do something modular like puzzle and bricks. As tested, it is easier to make mudularity of this product with most straight corners. This is to the extent of my material which is cardboard unlike other organic material like wood.