Packaging Design Development

My one thought over the process of making this packaging:

‘why must cardboard be used to package another cardboard?’

So i thought, i will not use another piece of cardboard for this packaging anymore as it actually defeats the purpose. Instead, i will use a roll of paper which too me a while to figure out a way to integrate this with the actual design without adding anything else.

*The actual prototype


Improvements made:
– a simpler straightforward packaging solution
– use of paper to wrap the entire 3 pieces vertically
– graphics to be printed on paper itself

* an adjustment on the module design has to be made,
– but only for the main body part (the biggest part of all modules)
– on the slots part, a slot is made as an integrated handle
(when part is folded, the slots act as a handle)
(this will not affect the product usability)
– so, the paper will go through the handle slot and wrap around all the collapsed parts firmly (glued)

*All the modules flat-packed (super-imposed)
*Packaging graphics plan for highchair (front & back) with  the Instructions inside

to overcome:
– the fold/bending lines over the packaging on the point which are rigid
– too much treatment and die-cuts for the template
– the unnecessary use of bonding/connections like Velcro etc.
* the use of more cardboard for a temporary packaging solution (a one off part)

The first few drafts of packaging
– that uses cardboard and velcro with a handle, and holds a vertical & horizontal layoutproto-pack2