I haven’t thought about my target audience or the environment that i would design my product into but for now i am refining on the concept that i would go along with my design direction.
The idea of recycling is scraped away because of its cons as mainly it creates a hassle to retain a good piece of cardboard out of a used one and the characteristics of a used one are sometimes not durable anymore.

I have thought about the DIY/INSTRUCTABLE concept which is interesting for the consumers to make or modify their products in a way.
As mentioned in my earlier post,

The Design is going to revolve around the DIY concept but not 100% DIY.
This is to say that the consumer will buy the product in flat-packaged (all pieces pre-cut/pre-scored)
DIY only comes in during assembly and finishing (like IKEA products .etc)

I would also like to input the concept of modularity and customizing
– consumers can modify and adjust the pieces according to preference/usage needs .etc
– product pieces could be modular pieces like Lego blocks .etc allowing consumers to custom built their product
(the ARTISTIC part)

Design, Innovation and Artistic qualities in a product.

For now, i am still brainstorming on the possibilities of solutions which could also enhance or in a way showcase the beauty/natural aesthetic of Cardboard material (so as to justify the possibility of the usage of cardboard for design solutions)