2 thoughts on “Pet crematorium – fake ashes?”

  1. Is this part of your FYP topic brainstorm ?

    I recently lost 2 beloved pets over the last one month and it was heartbreaking. The vet that we went to wasn’t the most ethical one and it pains us even more about the way he dealt with the carcass.

    Could this be a potential topic for FYP exploration ?

    1. Yup!
      I am thinking of this topic as one of my FYP exploration. Hence trying to do more research and need to discuss with you further to see if it is viable.
      Oh dear! sorry for the lost! It must be really hard for you to deal with it=(
      I fear the parting moment with my dog too, thus this topic came to my mind. And I researched to see others writing reviews about unethical cases too! You might be better with your first hand experience on this topic then.

      If you do not mind you could feel me in with your experience when we meet!