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Pet Loss and Human Emotion: A guide to recovery

Through this book, there are many topics surrounding the topic on the aftermath of losing a pet.
3 main key points that popped up to me was:
1  The human-companion animal bond
         Pet provides companionship, protection, entertainment, stimulus for exercise, social opportunities, and a chance to love and nurture something.

2  Behavioural manifestation of grief and loss
3  Thoughts about losing and loving companion animals


A Qualitative Study on the Death of a Companion Animal

This article’s research approach is based on a method of narrative reflections on one’s experience: Autoethnography [to research and describe about personal experience]
To explore the meaning of the loss of a pet.

Animals perceived as integral members of modern family
Companion animals hold a significant place in the lives of many at each stage of the life cycle
Narrative reflections serves as research and therapy.


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