7 things to do after someone dies

These are guides to what usually will be done after a loved one passes on. (mainly in U.K)
1  Get a medical certificate [stating the cause of death from a doctor]
2  Formally register the death [at a local registration office in which you will get a certificate for burial or cremation and a certificate of death]
3  Arrange for funeral [follow the deceased wishes if they have]
4  Report the death [to various government departments, organisations. There is a service ‘Tell us once’ which makes a report to all sectors in one go]
5  Check if there is a will left behind [property, possessions]
6  Get the mail redirected
7  Grant of representation [having the legal right to access the deceased’s personal accounts]


Just quick thoughts to my ideation:
When a pet passes on, I believe some of these guides may apply as well. And some should be applied in order to help the guardian of the pet to deal and get over things in an easier manner.

1  Probably having a medical certificate with reasons from the vet as to why the pet passes on.
Example, for some who went through euthanasia, the vet could have stated the reason that it was the best alternative. And that it was wiser a choice for a cure to the pet’s suffering.

2  Registering a pet’s death: Shows how important a pet can be as well. Usually registering for something reflects sense of ownership, the responsibility that comes along. Even when a newborn baby is due, there is a registry that records and to a mobile phone, you have to register in order to activate it. Thus to mark the journey of the pet, registering the death to me reflects the honour you have for it.

3  A funeral rite may not be something grand, but having a last goodbye, the last journey works the same to a pet. In it, there lives a soul too.

4  Well, not having to report to any government sector, but probably it will be nice for close friends to know, where they will be more sympathetic hopefully.

5 – 7  To me before the pet passes on, family members could probably come together to do keepsake together with the pet. Write happy memories to yourself which you once had. Remind yourself that you loved your pet and vice-versa, all that matters. It should only be ‘unlocked’ when the pet passes on.  This is to remind you that you once shared memories and that should be a positive feeling. With these happy memories, hopefully it takes away your grief in a more prepared situation. And who knows, sometimes death could be sudden which leaves you unprepared to capture the moments you once share with the pet. Hence, this ‘pet will’ is something prepared together with your pet previously and all but happy memories.

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