3 thoughts on “Research”

  1. Good start PY ! Thank you !

    These keywords are still a little vague as it doesn’t quite tell us enough what your topic is about. I can guess that it’s something about personal stories, lifestyle and experiences. however they can be applied to too many topics.

    Just to reiterate, keywords are words that will allow everyone to get a glimpse of where your interest lies and take part in an on-going dialogue with you regarding your topic especially in the beginning.

    Are there any narrower themes or areas of interest that you can think of within your topic ?

    Using your Pet Cremation post as an example, it could potentially be – pet cremation, grief, joy, ethics, etc..

    Hope these helps.

  2. There should be one set of keywords for each topic. If you have 2 topics, you will need 20 keywords in total. 10 for each. It sound daunting at the moment, but the process for keyword search is part of the learning which you will hopefully get an idea of what you want to work on eventually.