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Dear all,

please remember to select the topics and email me 


The blog will contain the following information to be filled in the new pages that you need to create

(click on new, then select page page)

  • Introduction”. 

Under “Introduction”: to cover “Topic”,”Why is it important?”.  

  • Chemical Concept

Under “Chemical Concept”, is required  Introduction, explanation and references

  • Implications to Society

under  “Implications to Society”.  is required  Introduction, explanation and references.

  • Meeting’s Log”: 

under “Meeting’s Log”  (a entryu has to be created under this new page after every meeting, it doesn’t take long and helps to keep things on track).

Please minute every meeting that you have. This means that there should be a blog entry with:

– Location, time and duration of the meeting.

– Team members who attended and members who missed the meeting with clarification on their reasons for missing it.

– Topics discussed (briefly)

– Tasks to be done before the next meeting and who has been assigned/agreed on doing them.

– Problems arising if any

– plan of action

  • About the Team”. 

Any information that you want to share about your team members

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me