The topic that we would be covering on is The Role of Hydrogen Bonding. Hydrogen bonding is important to all life on Earth. It plays a crucial role in many chemical processes. For example, hydrogen bonds hold the complementary strands of DNA together, ensuring the stability of the DNA double helix structure (Rafael & Arnold, 2009). In addition, hydrogen bonds hold certain responsibility in protein folding and protein structure (Hubbard & Haider, 2010). Besides, hydrogen bonds also provide many characteristics that benefit to water.

In this blog, the focus is on the Hydrogen Bonding in Water. The general knowledge and some specific features regarding this chemical concept would be introduced. Its implications to the society would also be discussed, which include the role of hydrogen bonding in water boiling, the dissolving of sugar in water and the evaporation of sweat.

Figure 1: Water Boiling (Science ABC, 2016)

Figure 2: Sugar Dissolves in Water (Viral Portal, 2017)

Figure 3: Perspiration (Hella Wella, 2013)