CM8001 – AE5

1st method By boiling. Boiling kills many microorganisms that may make you sick, but requires time and will not remove chemical contamination. Boiling also requires time, fuel, and may release soot and CO to the environment 2nd method Water purification is with iodine. It is easy and effective in twenty minutes, but iodine should not be used long-term., In addition,… Read more →

CM 8001 – AE 4

question 1 100% of the energy entering earth’s atmosphere comes from the sun. ~50% of the incoming energy is absorbed by the earth’s surface i.e. the land and oceans. ~30% is directly reflected back to space by clouds, the earth’s surface and different gases and particles in the atmosphere (the earth’s albedo is 0.3 on average). ~20% is absorbed by… Read more →

CM 8001 – AE3

Question 1: a. Exothermic. A charcoal briquette releases heat as it burns. b. Endothermic. Water absorbs the heat necessary for evaporation from your skin, and your skin feels cooler. c. Endothermic. Ice absorbs the necessary heat to melt from the environment. Question 2: Consider a natural gas (methane) explosion: CH4 + 2 O2 -> CO2 + 2 H2O The bond… Read more →

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