About the Team


Afiq A’Azman

Afiq is a Psychology student currently in his first year! He enjoys good dramas and playlists!

Angeline Winata

Angeline is a year-2 Chemistry student ! Love to travel, singing, and dancing! 🙂

Teo Hua Yi

Hua Yi is an Aerospace Engineering student currently in her second year. She likes dancing and playing Wordament 🙂

Hui Eun

Hui Eun is a Biology student in her 1st year. She enjoys discovering good restaurants and songs, traveling, playing badminton, ice-skating, and cycling. She prefers winter to summer, and cats to dogs! 😀

Nita Cheam

Nita is a Materials Engineering student currently in her first year. She enjoys playing sports and piano!

Andrew Lim Shijie 

Andrew is a marketing student in his final year. He enjoys taking photos in monochromatic settings.