Complete Combustion


In general, for complete combustion hydrocarbon in the form of a fuel and oxygen is required to produce final products of heat + water and carbon dioxide.


Basic Equation for a Complete Combustion

hydrocarbon + oxygen    →    carbon dioxide + water

In the context of burning of forest wood, typical forestry equipment to intentionally ignites fires usually uses a mixture of gasoline 30% and diesel 70% as their main source of fuel to facilitate combustion.

Example: chemical equation of diesel.



  • A typical diesel chemical composition falls into category of a hydrocarbon with 14 Carbon atoms and 30 Hydrogen atoms.
  • For a typical complete combustion of diesel with Oxygen, its by products other than heat energy would be Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour.


Chemical Equation

2C14 H30 + 43O2        →     Heat Energy + 28CO2 + 30H2O

Diesel   + Oxygen   →    Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water Vapour


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