Group Application Exercise 4

  1. Solar energy strikes earth surface on an average of 168 Watts per square meter (W/m2) but energy leaving earth surface averages at 390W/m2 but why is the earth not cooling rapidly?


As Greenhouse gases are mainly made up of water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and they are able to intercept up to 90% of the earth’s out going heat. Coupled with the increase concentration of these gases, heat is then ping around and it takes even longer (use to be at least once before leaving earth atmosphere) for the heat to leave as they are being trapped by these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Hence it might take longer for heat to escape and therefore the earth is not cooling rapidly.

  1. Decide if the statement is correct or incorrect

“This winter has lowered my concerns about global warming”

We believe that the statement is incorrect because Winter is one of the four seasons that we experience on Earth due to the rotation along the  axis as Earth revolves around the sun.

Global warming however talks about the the possible  impacts and potential consequences it has on the earth’s climate. Global warming stems from the fact that increase concentration of greenhouse gases are trapping more heat in the atmosphere and this means that it is likely that the air is getting warmer and there is more moisture. This may then translates into heavier precipitation in the form of more intense rain or snow, simply because more moisture is available to storms.

  1. Why is a microwave radar device design unsuccessful?

Design was not successful as absorption of microwave radiation by water molecules  in the atmosphere interferes with the detection of intended objects.

  1. Which topics would pose as a serious problem in a short run and in the long run?

We feel that air pollution poses the most serious problem in the short run as these problem would impact how we breathe directly causing discomfort such as stinging effects to the eyes, nose irritation , dry throat and headaches. This could be evidently supposed by how schools are closed temporary in Malaysia due to the bad PSI level of the haze in 2015.

As for the long run, global warming on the other hand would most likely be the most serious problem. It is because it is a viewed as a global problem that requires many other stakeholders involved to regulate their industries and operation to have a joined effort in reducing emission of greenhouse gases. Development of new technologies to seek new energy sources would require time to be developed to reduce dependency on energy sources that contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases.