AE 9: 5 April 2017

Q1. (a) C5H9N3 (b)  (c) The amine parts as N in amine is highly electronegative and are able to form hydrogen bonds with water.   Q2. (a) C16H21N3 (b) The similarities are a two-carbon chain with a nitrogen at the end of both structures, and a three-atom sequence of N-C-N of both structures. The spatial placement of these groups seem similar too. The… Read more →

AE 7: 22nd March 2017

Question 1: Acetone will dissolves the polymer. This allows the escape of the toxic gases of the foaming agent. As a result, The polymer become more dense as the polymer collapse on itself. Question 2: a) LDPE cannot be used in this application because it does not have the required strength. b) The molecules of HDPE must line up in… Read more →

AE 6 15/03/17

1a. What is the connection between coal-fired plants and poor visibility? Coal-fired plants releases sulfur dioxide, dust and smoke. These particles are responsible for the poor visibility. b. The NPCA reported ” the average rainfall in Mammoth Cave National Park is 10 times more acidic than natural.” From this information and that in your text, estimate the pH of rainfall… Read more →


Global warming results in an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Dissolving of carbon dioxide in water makes it even more acidic- formation of Carbonic acid (H2CO3). Due to carbon dioxide being a greenhouse gas, and with the surge in CO2 levels, it will result in some parts of the world being warmer. Warmer ocean water… Read more →


What is global warming? Global warming is a gradual increase in the global temperature of the Earth which is caused by the increased of greenhouse gases in the air. These greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, CFCs, oxides of nitrogen and other pollutants. Natural events such as volcanoes erupting and human activities such as agricultural activities are believed to be contributing… Read more →

Grp 25: Application Exercise 22/2/17

Q1 Several options exist for purification is with iodine. It is easy and effective in twenty minutes, but iodine should not be used long-term. In addition, pregnant women and people with thyroid should avoid purification with iodine. Two popular iodine treatments in the U.S. are Potable Aqua and Polar Pure. While iodine renders water bacteriologically safe, it doesn’t remove chemical… Read more →

Grp 25: Application Exercise (15/0/17)

Q1. Even though the amount of energy emitted is more than double the amount received. Earth does not cool rapidly because the atmosphere retains much of the emitted heat energy. Q2. The quote is not justified. It makes fun of people who are ignorant about global warming and don’t know the difference between weather and climate. Having particular seasons in regions that are… Read more →

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