About the Team

Hello everyone, welcome to our blog!

We are a team comprising of like-minded, seasoned group of students who are passionate about the impact of chemistry on society and how chemistry plays its part in our everyday life. Hailing from diverse educational field of studies, we are able to integrate each of our individual expertise with knowledge gained from this course, heralding limitless potential and excellence in the weeks to come.

We hope that you enjoy the content that we have compiled! ūüôā

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Kodi Goh

Hi! I am a year 1 Biological Science student. For me, chemistry has always been one of the most challenging subjects. However, chemistry is everywhere in the world we live in and it is very interesting to learn about it. Through this module, I am starting to appreciate the little things that chemistry has taken form in our daily lives; from the nutrition in the food we eat to the pollutants in haze. I feel that I am now better able to link chemical concepts with the biological aspects of it and relate it to my field of study. I am very grateful for having this opportunity to work with this amazing group of students from various faculties to gain a more in-depth perspective on chemistry today.

Ong Ting Wei

Hello! I am a year 2 mechanical engineering student. Chemistry has never been my strongest subject, but it is definitely an interesting subject for me. I don’t think I have done so much research into acid rain before taking this module. I think most people are more concerned about global warming and climate change now. Now, after editing this blog and writing more about acid rain, I realize that¬†I have been so naive! Acid rain is a severe problem and we must not brush it aside. I hope that after reading our blog, you would be inspired to learn more about the relevance of acid rain as well.

Aditya Ramakrishnan

Hi there! I am a final year student from the school of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I believe that chemistry surrounds us in many aspects of our day to day life and thus is essential to be studied at least at a basic level despite one’s major. Having only done chemistry till my high school, this course epitomizes my desire to learn a bit more in depth. Specifically, I have studied in depth about acids and bases before but in a theoretical setting. This project, however, has given me an interesting perspective into the applications of acid and bases via studying acid rain and the vast implications it has on our society.

Galvin Lim

Hey! I’m¬†a 2nd-year student in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. Having learned plenty of in-depth details about all these chemical concepts in my major, being able to apply them and learn more about how it affects our society is a different and interesting experience.

Kelvin Renaldi

Hello! I’m a first-year student currently studying Materials Science & Engineering. Learning implication of chemistry concept to the society is interesting since now I realize many things around us, in fact, are based on what I have already learned in school. This giving me insight of how chemistry concept involves around us and build our world, in positive and negative ways.

Kenny Chew

Hi! I’m currently in my second year studying Mechanical Engineering. Coming from the engineering field, we do not deal much with chemical equations and acids/bases, that is why I was eager to apply for this module as I wanted to expose myself to elements which I am unfamiliar with. I’m really glad I got to learn so much about chemistry and also its impact on the society. Believe it or not, I actually failed chemistry in secondary school!¬†