About the team

The team consists of six extraordinary individuals derived from different fields at NTU. Here is a short introduction about the creators of this blog.

Sofia is an exchange student from Stockholm University, Sweden, and is spending one semester at NTU. She is majoring in the department of Biochemistry and works in sales when she is not in Singapore.

Haozhi, an environmentally conscious 2nd year PPGA student, who prefer dogs over cats and watches korean drama for relaxation whenever time permits frown

Chase, a passionate 1st Biological Science student who is equally ardent in Fencing. He is active the NTU Fencing Club and sleeps anywhere and everywhere whenever he can wink

Ashikin, an avid Chemistry lover who is also majoring in Chemistry in NTU. She is active in the Malay Cultural Society and loves dikir barat. tongue-out

Jing Yu, is an Aerospace Engineering student who currently enjoys what he is studying. Somehow he is tired all the time even though he sleeps a ton. He manages his time poorly and watches wayyy too much youtube. He recently started bouldering and loves it! foot-in-mouth

Nicholas Koh, is 2nd year Material Science Engineering student. He likes to play badminton and swimming.


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