Question 1

  Boil Purifying Tablets Portable filter/ Purifier DIY Water Filter Evaporation Trap
Cost $0 $8.59 for 100 $20 $0
Effectiveness Kills parasites, bacteria, germs Availability limited Time consuming depends on humidity.

Question 2 
Desalination techniques:
– thermal distillation
– membrane filtration
– Consumes a lot of energy -> costly
– Maintenance is high
– Damaged environment (sucks in small ocean creatures)

Question 3
Part A
Major Sources from:
– Lead pipes/compartment in plumbing
– Sediments in screens
– Lead parts

Part B
Unlikely due to:
– Proper bio-hazard waste disposal
– Drinking water comes straight from plant, not exposed to other sources

Question 4




Vitamins B, C A,D,E,F
Polarity Polar Non-polar
Explanations Energy released from interaction between polar vitamin and water molecules is sufficient to overcome hydrogen bonds. Non polar molecules cannot disrupt hydrogen bonds between water molecules.