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(From bottom right)

Andrew Chin, a first year ACBS student with high hopes of the future. Loves chemistry and thinks that it is fun and engaging. Hopes to be an excellent accountant someday.

Joshua Tan, a year 2 MAE student. His chemistry is dead and he hopes to revive it through this course. Hopes to become an aerospace engineer and contribute to society.

Loh Xin Kai, a year 1 HIST student, with exceptional understanding of how the past and future is interconnected. Thinks that chemistry is fun. Loves to find out about the past and applying it to the future.

(From top right)

Mok Zhen Xuan, a year 1 SBS student, with a keen interest in life sciences and particularly viruses. Thinks that chemistry is fun and has alot of potential application. Hopes to become a professor and leading researcher in virology someday.

Nurshazwani Zainol, a year 2 SPMS student who has a keen sense of understanding for the chemical world. Thinks that chemistry is key to the progress of the global community as a whole. Hopes to be a chemist someday.

Kellyn Chua, a first year MSE student who excel in her field of expertise. Thinks that chemistry is interesting and fun. Hopes to be able to discover a new environmentally friendly material to work with in the future.