Application Exercises 22nd Feb 2017

How can you purify your water when you’re are hiking? Name 2 or 3 possibilities. Compare these methods in terms of cost and effectiveness. Are any of these methods similar to those used to purify municipal water supplies? Boiling water can be used as it is the most certain way of killing microorganisms. Potable Aqua Iodine and clear plastic bottle in sunlight to let UV rays kill bacteria can also be used. Boiling water is a cheaper alternative. Potable Aqua […]

Application Exercises 15th Feb 2017

Understanding the Earth’s energy balance is essential to understanding the issue of global warming. For example, the solar energy striking Earth’s surface averages 168 watts per square meter (W/m2), but the energy leaving Earth’s surface averages 390 W/m2. Why isn’t Earth cooling rapidly? Some of the energy emitted from the Earth’s surface goes directly out to the space, while most of it doesn’t. The clouds and gases in the atmosphere reabsorb the emitted energy, causing some of it to be […]

Application Exercises 8th Feb 2017

From personal experience, state whether these processes are endothermic or exothermic. Give a reason for each. a) A charcoal briquette burnns b) Water evaporates from your skin c) Ice melts a) Exothermic. Burning of charcoal releases heat to surroundings. b) Endothermic. Water needs to absorb the heat from the skin for evaporation to occur. c) Endothermic. Ice requires energy to be absorbed to break the lattice structure to melt. Chemical explosions are very exothermic reactions. Describe the relative bond strengths […]