Structure Refinement 8

After coming out with mock up 2, there are a few things to add on to the furniture:

  • Make something to cover up the slot of the cradle so to make the stand to slot in more accurately and more secure.
  • The bamboo base will use Velcro
  • Slot for hiding the longer bamboo stick
  • Velcro will be use to stick the bamboo base to the furniture.
  • For the stand, make the edge of the shorter curve rounder.

So these are the changes I made in my rhino model. Firstly I added an extra piece wood to enclose the slot for the cradle. After I used boolean difference to create the slot from abstracting the shape of the stand, I realized that there is a triangle groove there.

1. (Boolean difference from the cradle stand)

2. (Boolean difference from the chair stand)
3. Enclose slot formed, but realize a triangle groove there might break easily.

4. So I remove the tin triangle to form a smooth cut there.

Then I went on to create the joint for the assembly of the cradle.

And the slot on one of the side of the cradle to keep the extra bamboo pole under the cradle covering it with the bamboo base. In the beginning actually I was thinking of making just the slot without any pole snap grid fitting. But after putting much consideration for the user to place the extra bamboo pole easier, I then create the snap grid fitting. I tried to create just one slot as I think there is no point making two side of the cradle with slot because it will be extra work to keep two poles at each side.

1.Without pole snap grid fitting

2. With pole snap grid fitting (thickness 2mm)

When as a cradle (hiding the long poles)

When as a chair (hiding the short poles)

Despite deciding on using the pole snap grid, I had my concerns as to whether or not the piece joining the cradle together would be strong enough to withstand heavy weight as the thickness may not be sufficient. As such, I contemplated with splitting the slot into 2 sides to give more stability to the structure….


Making my product into RTA (Ready-to-assemble furniture)

After last week’s consultation, I dismantled my mock up 2 in order for me to bring home to show my dad so he could show it to his carpenter friend. So I thinking maybe it will be better if my product can be flat pack!  As i didn’t think of making a RTA at the start as I don’t want to restrict myself in the design of my product but now I see there’s a possibility in making it flat pack so why not. As furniture that is already assembled tends to be bulky and more expensive to store and to deliver. Since the furniture does not need to be assembled in the factory, ready-to-assemble furniture is also less expensive for the merchant to purchase. Due to these many factors, selling flat pack furniture is a more cost-effective method of conducting business.

After I reach home, these are the steps to assemble the mock up










Mock up 2 Process

So I decided to make another mock up before I go on to make the life size mock up.

Side fence

Comparing to mock up 1 (top), in mock up 2(bottom) I lowered the height of the fence by 10mm and it looks less pointy and sharp for the edge and so it will be stronger.16466654_10210637688652189_1471081975_oimg_7776

During the process of sticking the wood layer by layer together, I think I shifted the shape abit so when I place two fence together, the two side of the fence cannot be close into a straight line, this will be something that I need to be aware during the making of the real life mock up.

img_7782img_7784So this is how the final form looks like, comparing with mock up 1 on the left. The length of the whole furniture is shorter comparing to the mock up 1 as I feel that the mock up 1 looks long and flat. So now mock up 2 looks rounder and I think it looks better like that.

img_7809 img_7808


I find that it was quite difficult to stick the stand together as the rectangle piece is slanted. Even though I stick it with using a template that I printed out, in the end the stand is still not in the perfect shape. It was out of shape by abit but it still able to fit with the slot below the cradle. So I think when making the real size mock up I need to make sure the stand is in perfect shape.

16776197_10210758196184802_1019921097_o img_7803


Structure Refinement 7

So I tried lowering down the side fences by 20mm and it looks decent.

final8c final8b

I also went to check what is the length of the bamboo that use to make the bamboo base. The length is 560mm, so when it puts beside the fence and compare, it shows that the placement of the metal pole that use to link both fences together when in the formation of the chair can be place up to any column by the 5th column(as shown in red) and so can be hide under the bamboo base.


So currently I am making the second mock up. Will update again when I am done with the second mock up.

Structure Refinement 6

After showing mock up 1 to Fabrizio, these are the following things that need to be change:

  • Shorten the side of the cradle, to see whether will make it looks better.
  • Increase the thickness of the stand as the stand looks flimsy when putting force on top.
  • Combine one side of the fence to the cradle structure.
  • Add removable metal poles to link the two fences together when in the formation of the chair.
  • Redesign the stand, make two square frame with slots for slotting the curve shape of the stand16491446_10210637903417558_1519328383_o.



During the process of combining one side of the fence to the cradle structure, I start to question myself how the manufacturing will work for this part as wood bending may not be possible for this part. So I made two model to compare. Model A is the one with the fence combined with the cradle into one piece while Model B is my previous model that screws are needed for both side while using it as a baby cradle but it will be the same locking way as Model A while using it as a chair.

Model A


For Model A, the fence that combined with the cradle structure will be higher than the one that is detachable. As you can see it from the from view that the fence that is detachable is lower.

The location of screw/holes for the screws.

The stand of the furniture.

Model B


After comparing the two models, I think model A will be more secure and strong than Model B as one side of the fence and the cradle structure is in one whole piece together instead of using screws to combine it together. But it may not able to use wood bending to manufacture this part of the furniture.

FYP Presentation 4 Feedback

The following are the comments made by the professors after my FYP presentation 4.

Both Prof Peer and Peter doubted that the style of my furniture will suits the style of current houses as they both think that the design of my furniture was old-fashion, that I should come out with something more modern. Overall the professors Peter thinks the idea of putting the stand upside down to achieve two different height of the furniture into two usage is good.