Structure Refinement 6

After showing mock up 1 to Fabrizio, these are the following things that need to be change:

  • Shorten the side of the cradle, to see whether will make it looks better.
  • Increase the thickness of the stand as the stand looks flimsy when putting force on top.
  • Combine one side of the fence to the cradle structure.
  • Add removable metal poles to link the two fences together when in the formation of the chair.
  • Redesign the stand, make two square frame with slots for slotting the curve shape of the stand16491446_10210637903417558_1519328383_o.



During the process of combining one side of the fence to the cradle structure, I start to question myself how the manufacturing will work for this part as wood bending may not be possible for this part. So I made two model to compare. Model A is the one with the fence combined with the cradle into one piece while Model B is my previous model that screws are needed for both side while using it as a baby cradle but it will be the same locking way as Model A while using it as a chair.

Model A


For Model A, the fence that combined with the cradle structure will be higher than the one that is detachable. As you can see it from the from view that the fence that is detachable is lower.

The location of screw/holes for the screws.

The stand of the furniture.

Model B


After comparing the two models, I think model A will be more secure and strong than Model B as one side of the fence and the cradle structure is in one whole piece together instead of using screws to combine it together. But it may not able to use wood bending to manufacture this part of the furniture.

Author: Ivy Lee

I am currently a Year 4 student studying Product Design in NTU ADM. I love things that are fun and interesting.