Structure Refinement 8

After coming out with mock up 2, there are a few things to add on to the furniture:

  • Make something to cover up the slot of the cradle so to make the stand to slot in more accurately and more secure.
  • The bamboo base will use Velcro
  • Slot for hiding the longer bamboo stick
  • Velcro will be use to stick the bamboo base to the furniture.
  • For the stand, make the edge of the shorter curve rounder.

So these are the changes I made in my rhino model. Firstly I added an extra piece wood to enclose the slot for the cradle. After I used boolean difference to create the slot from abstracting the shape of the stand, I realized that there is a triangle groove there.

1. (Boolean difference from the cradle stand)

2. (Boolean difference from the chair stand)
3. Enclose slot formed, but realize a triangle groove there might break easily.

4. So I remove the tin triangle to form a smooth cut there.

Then I went on to create the joint for the assembly of the cradle.

And the slot on one of the side of the cradle to keep the extra bamboo pole under the cradle covering it with the bamboo base. In the beginning actually I was thinking of making just the slot without any pole snap grid fitting. But after putting much consideration for the user to place the extra bamboo pole easier, I then create the snap grid fitting. I tried to create just one slot as I think there is no point making two side of the cradle with slot because it will be extra work to keep two poles at each side.

1.Without pole snap grid fitting

2. With pole snap grid fitting (thickness 2mm)

When as a cradle (hiding the long poles)

When as a chair (hiding the short poles)

Despite deciding on using the pole snap grid, I had my concerns as to whether or not the piece joining the cradle together would be strong enough to withstand heavy weight as the thickness may not be sufficient. As such, I contemplated with splitting the slot into 2 sides to give more stability to the structure….


Author: Ivy Lee

I am currently a Year 4 student studying Product Design in NTU ADM. I love things that are fun and interesting.