Making my product into RTA (Ready-to-assemble furniture)

After last week’s consultation, I dismantled my mock up 2 in order for me to bring home to show my dad so he could show it to his carpenter friend. So I thinking maybe it will be better if my product can be flat pack! ¬†As i didn’t think of making a RTA at the start as I don’t want to restrict myself in the design of my product but now I see there’s a possibility in making it flat pack so why not. As¬†furniture that is already assembled tends to be bulky and more expensive to store and to deliver. Since the furniture does not need to be assembled in the factory, ready-to-assemble furniture is also less expensive for the merchant to purchase. Due to these many factors, selling flat pack furniture is a more cost-effective method of conducting business.

After I reach home, these are the steps to assemble the mock up










Author: Ivy Lee

I am currently a Year 4 student studying Product Design in NTU ADM. I love things that are fun and interesting.