Finding carpenter in Malaysia

After deciding on contracting a carpenter to craft my product for me, I have been searching for one in Johor, Malaysia as I have several personal contacts who might be able to help me out. Furthermore, there was a chance I might get a discounted rate, hence it was more logical for me to source for one in Malaysia as opposed to one in Singapore.

Sourcing for a carpenter proved to be no easy task. Majority of the carpenters I approached preferred to only perform wood-bending in large quantities, not on a single piece of furniture. Even for the very few carpenters who were willing to do so, they charged at an extremely inflated price $7000-8000 Ringgit which is about SGD$2200-2500.

Before finally proceeding with my proposed plan, it was important for me to first confirm my rhino model with my supervisor first. Even for this, I was unsure on whether to start working on the final piece the soonest possible, or to wait after the 5th presentation in case of changes I would be required to make to the furniture.

Author: Ivy Lee

I am currently a Year 4 student studying Product Design in NTU ADM. I love things that are fun and interesting.