Research on Campeggi

I was asked to research on this Italy furniture company Campeggi, a furniture company that was famous in transformable furniture but mainly were transformable sofas. One of the furniture from my previous research is from Campeggi as well. So here are the furniture that I am interested in.


Lieve is a table that has a chair hidden in beneath. It was designed by Giulio Manzoni. This piece of furniture intrigues me in the way it conceals the chair, making it a plausible idea for me to develop on. Using my project as context, I can adopt the idea by possibly incorporating a baby changing table that folds into a normal sitting chair.

  03_Lieve_Campeggi04_Lieve_Campeggi  06_Lieve_Campeggi_007_Lieve_Campeggi




Foresta is a sofa bed that can change in extraordinary way, designed by Sakura Adachi . The coating is fixed into a triangular structure which actually functions as a sofa. You can sink yourself onto the elastic fabric which holds your body perfectly. Opening the zip, a bed with a LED light appears. You can close yourself inside by zipping back the fabric to achieve a cozy, sheltered space. Foresta can be uncovered and dismantled like a typical tent for easy transportation.


The shape of this furniture is interesting especially for kids as they can perceive this as their “secret hideout” where they chill, play games or even sleep. While the idea is refreshing, I do not feel it is very feasible as it lacks a transformation element. Furthermore, the comfort of the “hideout” may be compromised due to its rigid structure.


Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George is designed by Denis Santachiara. A big pouf composed of two elements perfectly fitting together, drawing a line that suggests different uses.  If necessary, the ottoman turns into a couple of independent seats or even rocking chairs. Not identical but symmetrical, just like two artists who work together as a collaborative duo Gilbert & George.


This furniture is exceptionally eye-catching due to its modular structure. It allows for easy rearrangement into the desired configuration for the user, while still maintaining a degree of style. This is especially suitable in Singapore homes where space is one of the biggest constraints.


Lazy Basketball

Lazy Basketball is a metal structure chair with back made of synthetic net. It has a simple and winding shape which ends with a real bang: a funny colorful basket. Designed by Emanuele Magini.


The piece of furniture incorporates the element of sports into its design. With the hoop attached to the back frame of the chair, it allows for children to play basketball. However, this could be dangerous as children tent to get carried away playing, without realizing if anyone is sitting on the chair or not. Nevertheless, this furniture gives me an insight on how to tap into the sports element, by allowing a transformation from an everyday-furniture into a simple sports equipment.



A simple armchair that reminds a fantastic creature, designed by Denis Santachiara. Between its claws it squeezes a pouf which, at the right moment, can be released to be used as a footstool or  the pouf opens up revealing an emergency airbed for a never ending hospitality.


The shape of this furniture is pretty fascinating as one would never expect to have a infatable airbed hiding inside the circular piece. The airbed is accompanies by a silent hand pump as well as an electric inflator which i find extremely useful. On the whole, the choice of colors and the unconventional shapes make it perfect for children. One thing to note however, is that the main piece of chair becomes unstable after the circular piece is taken out and this could pose potential dangers.



Training equipment has a rather cold and technological design. Giovanni Levanti has gone in the opposite and unusual direction and has come up with a domestic and personal surface where we can do our training and stretching exercises. Sneaker (2006) is a jumping matwith an inflatable end to sustain your back when doing your stretching exercises. An upholstered furnishing which will involve all your senses thanks to its bright colors and to the nice texture of the cover.


Trampoline with inflatable gym ball for interiors. The padding is in foamed polyurethane and polyester fibre and it is provided with a removable cover in a two-tone three-dimensional polyester.

I think Sneaker is very much suited to be a kids furniture due to its vibrant colors and interesting shapes. While this is not a transformable furniture, its idea of combining a trampoline with an inflatable ball is a potential idea I can ponder on.


Chit Chat

Chit Chat is a low table composed by a set of 4 elements which can be used separately both as independent coffee tables or even as stools. Chit Chatis a flexible and versatile product which complies with everyday life necessity by adapting itself on the basis of the number of our guests.


The structure of chit chat which assemble multiple chairs into a square table is interesting and very useful. Looking at the chairs alone, one would not expect them to be able to come together as a table. It has holes underneath the chairs which makes for smart storage of items like books and magazines. This again, is extremely useful in an average Singaporean home as space is of the essence.



An unexpected but very linear sitting, playing with the traditional city bench iconography putting it together with the most powerful symbol of relax, a tropical hammock. This relaxing gesture gives an even more dynamic, pleasant and comfortable mood to Emanuele Magini’s (2011) project.

A tropical hammock within a city bench, comfortable and unconventional. Green, white or light blue epoxy varnished metal structure, white nylon sprung base.


Fiesta reminds me of the kids furniture piece, GRO^ (from my previous research) with the utilization of a hammock. So besides putting sports element into a furniture, a hammock bench or a swing element will be fun too if to be added in to the furniture piece. This furniture reminds me of the typical baby bouncer(with net) that we use, that maybe the product can start with a baby bouncer and later be switched into a mini swing for kids. And then it can be an ordinary hammock bench.

 Bouncer (Chrome)-500x50014012598_10209076524464060_1487449358_o

Baby bouncer with net.


Author: Ivy Lee

I am currently a Year 4 student studying Product Design in NTU ADM. I love things that are fun and interesting.