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Marks Allocation and Grading

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Dear all, This is just a reminder of the mark allocation for the course. •       Final Exam                                                         30% •       Virtual laboratories            … Read more »


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Dear all, please remember to select the topics and email me  BLOG SITE: The blog will contain the following information to be filled in the new pages that you need to create (click on new, then select page page) “Introduction”.  Under “Introduction”: to cover “Topic”,”Why is it important?”.   “Chemical Concept” Under “Chemical Concept”, is… Read more »


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Content The course involves the discussion of Chemistry in the context of selected current or potential socio-technological problems.  Chemistry is central to a better understanding of our world. The topics selected, the facts and principles presented, and the habits of mind are developed to serve as a guide on how to live responsibly into the future…. Read more »