From Left: Damien, Jia Wen, Esther, Shervynn

DING JIA WEN, a third year student who studies chemistry and biological chemistry. I really enjoy this course as I can apply what have I learned and work with my awesome team members!

ESTHER PANG HUI MIN, a year 4 Sociology student who studied H2 Chemistry during JC.  Being an art student enables me to critically conceptualize societal phenomena around me.  Having a science foundation allows me to understand the chemistry behind my daily observations.  I see this course as a chance for me to revisit the science knowledge I learnt before and built on it, which I enjoy :).

LOH CHENG KIAT DAMIEN, a year 3 mathematics student specializing in statistics. This chemistry course has been a breath of fresh air and has allowed me to better relate to the different aspects of our everyday life.

SHERVYNN LOH SU WEI, a year 3 business student, specializing in Human Resource Consulting (HRC). This is my first time learning about chemistry. Although some of the content in this course can be quite challenging, overall I still enjoy the learning process!