Question 1

a)  Chemical formula for Histamine: C5H9N3

b) The amine groups circled in red make histamine soluble in water due to hydrogen-bonding.

Question 2

a) Chemical formula for the antihistamine compound: C16H21N3

b) The presence of 3 amine functional groups allows the antihistamine to compete with histamine on a functional level.

Question 3

Produce Response- Aspirin, morphine, amphetamine

Inhibitory- Estrogen, penicillin, Keflex

Question 4

a) Customers’ testimonials and the claim that their manufacturing process adheres to GMP.

b) According to Singapore’s legislative laws in relation to herbal/alternative medicines, they are not subject to pre-market approval but MUST NOT contain substances that are listed in the Poisons Act, they must adhere to the heavy metals minimum concentrations and labels/packaging¬† must not advertise on false claims to cure diseases completely. More can be found at the HSA website under, ‘Guidelines for Traditional Medicinal Materials’.