Month: February 2017

AE5-Water for Life

a. Add treatment solutions b. Boiling c. Water filters -Adding chemicals like chlorine dioxide or iodine will kill bacteria and viruses leaving behind chemicals and sediments. They can be bought at relatively cheap prices. -Boiling wipes out bacteria and viruses very effectively but does not get rid of sediments like mud and sand or chemicals. It is very cheap to… Read more →

AE4-Global Climate Change

Greenhouse gases absorb the energy emitted by the Earth’s surface, thus resulting in enhanced greenhouse effect. Since the net energy leaving the Earth’s surface is lesser than the solar energy striking Earth’s surface, therefore the earth is not cooling rapidly. The picture depicts snowing, which is the opposite of what the two men thought of global warming because the word… Read more →

AE3-Energy from Combustion

a) Exothermic reaction as it is a combustion reaction and it releases heat energy. b) Endothermic reaction. The body loses heat which is gained by the water, thus allowing it to change from liquid to gaseous state. c) Endothermic reaction. The ice absorbs heat energy from the surroundings. 2. In an exothermic reaction, a large negative net energy change, bonds… Read more →

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