Structure – Cradle Stand

I went to rhino out the 3D model of the cradle and it’s stand to see how the joints can be join. While drawing the furniture, I couldn’t decide the thickness of the plywood should be so I rhino out the cradle with 2 different thickness.rhino1

The one at the right is 5cm thickness and the left ones are 3cm thickness. I not sure whether a 5cm thickness plywood can be bend or not and also whether 3cm thickness is strong enough to withstand the weight when adult sits on it.

And I come out with a few solutions of how the joints going to be.

Method Amethod1method1bmethod1c

There will be slots for fitting the plywood together and also slots below the cradle for slotting the stand in as to make it more stable.

Method B



This is similar to method A but the plywood will be join together by using 3D print joints.

Method C

This method had an additional piece together with the longest curve as use to slot in to the bottom of the cradle when use it as a chair to prevent the chair from moving.

method3a method3b

Idea Refinement – Adjustable Height

I was asked to come out with the design of the stand, and I saw this very interesting shape shifting table that can transform from coffee table to dining table from INSIDER Design. So below is a video showing how it works.

_mg_7507-720x480-c _mg_7601-720x480-c top-black-white-720x480-cThis is a table for anyone with limited space who loves beautiful objects. I think what makes it so special is the material, that makes the whole furniture looks good and modern. Which reminds me of what I had came out with last time when I designing the height adjustable stand for my cradle.


So I went to reconstruct the shape of the stand, trying to achieve balance and stability. As I remember Fabrizio told me that never have a full line on the floor as a stand and triangle frame is the most stable structure for being as a leg stand as each legs has to have 2 connections and the insert of the structure must be very strong.