Structure Refinement 4

I changed the side fence and use keyshot to render the rhino model to see how the furniture look like in actual material.

I went to try on two kind of fence. To see which one looks nicer and also with more stability.

Option 1



Option 2final4d final4b

I doubting whether the option 1 will work or not as the side of it are not connected to the cradle.











keyshot2 keyshot1

Structure Refinement 2


After receiving the feedback from Fabrizio, these are the following changes that I made. I reduced the diameter of the stand’s rounded edges. So I can fit the stand into the cradle more in able to hide the stand.

structure-1hnew-7(Previous Structure)

new-1new-6(Refined Structure)

I also thinking that the screw can be screw under the slot to hold on the the cradle.


Nuts and screw can be use to join the fence together .


The supporting planks also moved down so to be less visible when look from the side.


Structure Refinement 1

After getting the feedback from Fabrizio, I went on refine the cradle structure. I changed a few things according to what we had discussed on the previous consultation.


I changed the base of the cradle into platform formed by bamboo sticks, made the side fence into bamboo frame as well to make the whole furniture looks light.

The  middle whole for the metal plate is resized into a size that the user is able to have more space in drilling the screws in.


And also making the fence one side to be detachable so the user can place it to another side to form a chair. The cushion will be push forward to hide the holes and extra gap.

structure-1cstructure-1bFeedback from Fabrizio:

  • The bamboo base platform can be line it through until the bottom of the  main structure.
  • The length of the bamboo platform should be longer, as the furniture show too much of the side structure of the cradle.
  • When forming the chair, the side fence can try placing it on top of another fence instead of stacking the fence together.
  • The metal plate support needs to be making it through the two side of the stand to strengthen the stability. Try to make the space in the middle less bulky so to let the furniture look light.
  • The side fence’s bamboo arrangement can try using the same arrangement as the base platform (all pack together).
  • Try making the stand less visible when slotted into the cradle for both configurations.
  • The bottom supporting frame can be place lower so not to show too much of the support when looking from the side.


FYP Presentation 3 feedback

The following are the comments made by the professors after my FYP presentation 2.

Chalit preferred my previous idea of using the concept of growing up with the furniture where there is a special configuration for each stage in the user’s life. He advised me to create mock up to test its stability and durability. He added that the center part of the stand where a metal plate will be screwed, has too small a space for screws to be drilled in. I was asked to consider the size of the hole at the center to allow for screwing to be done.

Laura recommended that I referenced a chair called “Bardi’s bowl” to gain some inspirations and insight. More interesting elements can be added onto the furniture with this added reference.

2013-05-milano_negozio_c-e1367852084933 bowl-chair-by-lina-bo-bardi-reissued-by-arper_dezeen_ss_22