Structure Refinement 5


After the last consultation, I was told to do the following changes to the furniture structure:

  • add slots for the bamboo fence
  • triangle wood piece for the fence’s inner edges
  • extend the side support & bamboo base
  • thicken the space between the bamboo base and the stand
  • stand
  • add screws and holes that meet at the side of the fence

I added slots and triangle wood piece in between the fence, but instead of making a triangle shaped wood piece I made it flat at the two sides that touch the bamboo fence as to secure the bamboo.

final6c final6d

Extended the support that beneath the bamboo base to near the stand


Last consultation I was asked to try maximize the thickness between the bamboo base to the slot for the stand, so I tried to make it thicker by 5mm and the thickness between the bamboo base to the slot (cradle) will be 15mm; while the thickness between bamboo base to the slot(chair) become 20mm.


The stand


The place for the screws


Structure Refinement – Cradle Radius

I try to change the radius of the top part of the main cradle structure as I was asked to from the previous consultation.


So I tried to draw lines with different radius to compare. The white line is the original radius 150.


When I place the one with radius 200 to the structure to see whether is suitable or not, the yellow line is the one with radius 200, obviously the curve of the cradle structure became smoother but I realized that the interacting point (the slot for the stand) will be different. And I wonder will it be more difficult to fit the stand in with such curve for the slot as I don’t want to make any changes to the shape or thickness of the stand. And I also worried that the tip part may chip off after long use so giving more radius to the top part of the main cradle structure may not be workable.